In the early morning hours of June 27, 1969, a small contingent of proud gay men and lesbians stood outside of New York City’s Stonewall Inn and stood up to the police who had long subjected them to harassment. As the crowd of onlookers grew to a roaring wave of support, the fight for equality was born. The Stonewall riots gave voice to a movement that still continues today.

In remembrance of the men and women who stood together at Stonewall and in tribute to each of our personal journeys on the path to equality, The Center has created the Stonewall Garden. Stonewall Garden is a brick garden surrounding the shade trees along The Center’s entrance on Colfax Avenue. Each brick in the garden tells a story – your story.

Stonewall GraphicStarting at only $99, you can purchase a celebratory brick to be placed in Stonewall Garden.  Each brick is a permanent statement of love, pride, honor, and commitment to the LGBT community. Choose between a variety of bricks, including a celebratory brick to honor and recognize a hero or a loved one; a free-form brick to leave a personalized message or statement; and a business brick that includes an engraved logo and a short message from a business or organization. The proceeds from the sale of personalized, engraved bricks laid in the Stonewall Garden will be used for The Center’s programming and services for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender citizens of Colorado.

Download our General Brick Order Form or Business Brick Order Form or contact Tim Murphy for more information.

The Voices of Stonewall Garden

“When I learned about the plans for the Stonewall Garden at The Center I knew I wanted to purchase a brick in memory of my loving partner Larry Donoghue. I am so grateful that The Center has provided this opportunity for the community to publicly and permanently express the messages that matter to us” – Bob Mosher

Stonewall Garden

“It feels good to place a permanent marker in the Stonewall Garden, recognizing our long personal relationship and the progress that has been made by the LGBT community, not only in Colorado, but across the nation.” – Jay Seller

“I’m so proud that my sister, brother and I could honor my mom with a tribute in the Stonewall Garden. She loves The Center and we couldn’t have picked a better way to honor her.” – Juli German