What is the Legal Helpline?

Each year we receive hundreds of calls and e-mails from community members looking for legal assistance. The Legal Helpline connects community members with attorneys in their specialty areas. We also direct community members to pro-bono resources, legal clinics, psychological assistance, and pro-se assistance.

How Does it Work?

The Center’s Legal Helpline provides you with a 15-20 minute consultation with legal program staff to discuss your legal needs in more depth and to provide you with a personalized attorney match for your legal issue. In addition, those attorneys participating in the Legal Helpline have agreed to offer a FREE 30-minute consultation to any community member utilizing the Legal Helpline.

Community members pay our service $10.00 to perform the initial consultation to discuss your legal needs and provide the attorney match (for some legal issues this fee is waived). After receiving a match, community members contact the attorney and schedule a free 30 minute consultation.

The matched attorney is under no obligation to provide legal advice during the consultation or to accept the representation.  The consultation is an opportunity for the attorney to assess your matter, provide you with information about your legal options, and determine if representation is available. The attorney may or may not provide pro-bono or reduced fee services.

The Center will never deny a community member access to the Legal Helpline for the inability to pay the $10 fee. However, when accessing our Legal Helpline, you should be prepared to pay standard rates and fees for legal representation. If you are in need of Pro Bono (free) services, please contact Colorado Legal Services at 303-837-1321 or http://www.coloradolegalservices.org/

How Do I Get Started?

To set up your consultation, please call The Center or complete the intake form below. You will then be automatically transferred to an online payment page where you can select your form of payment (cash and check can be paid at the time of the initial consultation so long as that consultation occurs in person at The Center.)

We accept payment via cash, check, or credit card. We do not charge a consultation fee for issues regarding bankruptcy, disability, or social security.

What Can I Expect After I Submit an Intake Form?

Once you submit your intake form and complete your payment selection, a legal program staff member will contact you within 72 hours to confirm your consultation. You can choose to have your consultation by telephone or in person at The Center. During your initial consultation, a trained legal program staff member will assess the nature of your legal issue and refer you to an LGBT friendly attorney, agency, or community resource, depending on the nature of your legal issue. All information collected by The Center’s Legal program is confidential. With your permission, we may share minimal details with your match attorney.

Submit an Intake Form

Do not disclose any confidential or sensitive information in this form. Please provide general information about your legal issue so The Center can identify attorneys who may be able to assist you. Until an attorney has actually taken your case, you are expected to meet all deadlines, attend all proceedings, and do anything else necessary under the applicable rules of civil procedure.

Please complete the following intake form and click “Submit Intake” at the bottom of the page.

If you would prefer to print the intake form and mail or drop off the form at The Center, you can access the form here. If you opt to print the form, please click the “Submit Through Mail” to proceed to the payment and scheduling pages.

Submit Intake Form Online                        

Submit Intake Form Through Mail

Disclaimer: The Center’s Legal Program connects potential clients to qualified attorneys, but does not itself provide legal advice or services. Further, there is no guarantee that any attorney will take any particular case. Attorneys will decide for themselves whether to take a case and thereby enter into an attorney-client relationship.