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Breaking Out
Can’t make it to our Denver location? Join us in Douglas County at the Lone Tree Library (10055 Library Way) for fun, games, and snacks. Ages 11-22 are welcome. This open drop-in meetup is co-sponsored by PFLAG.

Closing Time
1st & 3rd Tuesday & Wednesday | 7-8 PM
Rainbow Alley is open for an extra hour for youth and young adults age 16-21 to interact with their peers and have mature conversations facilitated by our staff.

Wednesday | 4-6 PM
Mile High Behavioral Health offers 1-on-1 counseling for all youth. To schedule a session, contact Nadine (

Dinner & a Movie/Conversation
2nd & 5th Friday | 6-8 PM
Rainbow Alley provides dinner and a movie to all youth who are in attendance. We invite civic groups, employee resource groups, churches, companies, or individuals and their friends to sponsor a night and bring a balanced meal and partake of it with the youth and staff while we learn about one another.

Drag Show
4th Friday | 6-8 PM
Rainbow Alley holds an all-age Drag Show for youth and community members. Please check the Rainbow Alley calendar for changes to the schedule based on holidays.

Education 4 Action
This is a 5 week curriculum program designed to educate youth on the fundamentals of advocacy and community organizing. Participants will be equipped to enter the community to advocate on behalf of marginalized communities, especially the LGBTQ community.

Fun Fridays
Check our calendar for upcoming activities including Gayme Night, Drag Shows, and more!

Gay Straight Alliances (GSA)
Rainbow Alley connects with a number of GSAs across the both the Denver metro area and the state to provide general information, technical assistance, or facilitation. We partner with the statewide network with the mission to increase the number of GSAs in the state.

Gender Queeries
2nd Tuesday | 6-7 PM
Gender Queeries is a program for gender non-conforming and transgender identified youth. It consist of curriculum work around the portrayal of gender in mainstream society and media, as well as the struggles that youth face when held to the standard of traditional gender roles. Participants are involved in group discussions, support groups, and individual counseling sessions.

Let’s Talk About Sex
Let’s Talk About Sex explores healthy relationships, identity development, consent, communication, personal boundaries, anatomy of sexual organs, and safer sex practices. There are also discussions concerning STI myths, facts, and prevention. We focus on gender and sexuality representation in the media while fostering a sex positive and brave space for youth to ask questions about anything they are curious about.

SNAPS Improv
Every other Wednesday | 6-7 PM
Join volunteers from the Denver Center of Performing Arts to do improv, theater games, comedy and more.

True Colors
2nd Saturday | TBA
True Colors welcomes youth (ages 16 and under) and their parents or guardians to join in a collaborative effort to create connections within and between families.  Parents and youth meet in separate spaces where they engage in unique programming targeted at their specific needs. Each meeting has an educational, social, and support component.

Voz Y Corazon
Tuesday | 5-7 PM
Give voice to your emotions! Voz y Corazon is a suicide prevention and self-empowerment project designed by youth and offered in collaboration with the Mental Health Center of Denver that utilizes art as a medium for self-expression.

Write Brain
4th Thursday | 5-6 PM
Express yourself and hear the words of others during our monthly poetry and performance workshop.

For more information about Rainbow Alley programs, e-mail or call 303-951-5213.