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RANGE Consulting works with organizations across the state to incorporate LGBT inclusion into every aspect of their business and strategic plans. We partner with every size organization and every level of management to build inclusive policies and systems, solve common LGBT related workplace issues, and maintain legal compliance.

Our Relationship with The Center

As a program of The GLBT Community Center of Colorado, RANGE Consulting is Colorado’s only workplace training organization dedicated solely to the needs of LGBT employees and the workplaces in which they are employed.

Inclusive workplaces reduce the estimated $64 billion annual attrition cost associated with the nearly two million American workers who leave their jobs each year due to unfairness and discrimination.

The Level Playing Field Institute, April 2007

“After this training, our group felt prepared to engage in educated, respectful conversations about GLBT issues, and to help develop workplace policies that treat all employees with fairness and dignity.”

——Whitney Stone, President

Colorado Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA)

Services and Resources

We provide strategic training and consultation to assist employers across the state in creating work environments that are free from discrimination and harassment. Explore our offerings below or contact Kelly Nichols, our Chief Operations Officer at (303) 951-5201.


RANGE Consulting provides an educational seminar at your location, customized to align with your company’s policies and culture. Content will cover conceptual, legal and operational framework in a judgment-free setting. Attendees will learn about EEOC/Compliance, any issues related to the LGBT community, and transgender employee transition training and support.


Go beyond the training seminar with a customized, hands-on implementation program with RANGE Consulting. We will work with an organizational leader on your team to address areas of concern, review policies, engage with members of the overall team, and propose strategies for moving forward.

Online Resources / Learning Lab

RANGE Consulting offers premium content for organizations looking to improve LGBT inclusivity in the workplace. An annual subscription allows for unlimited access to online resources, including case studies, toolkits, videos, news and more.

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Assessments & Metrics

RANGE Consulting works closely with organizations to assess organizational strengths and vulnerabilities pertaining to inclusiveness. Additionally, we can analyze any single inclusion metric, such as diversity equity, retention, and leadership.


Our insightful content is designed to keep clients and the public up-to-date on current LGBT issues and trends.

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Speaking Engagements

Need an expert on LGBT issues? Our experts are available to talk to your group about a variety of LGBT-related topics.

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About Us

As a 501(c)(3) social enterprise, RANGE Consulting places impact above profits. LGBT employees deserve to bring their whole selves to work and to be fully valued as contributing and impactful employees. Our goal is to eliminate LGBT discrimination in Colorado’s workplaces.

The RANGE Consulting Approach


Our approach to inclusivity training is based on methods that promote strategic partnership with a focus on organizational communication and tolerance. We tailor our curriculums to meet the needs of your industry, organization, and employees—with the goal of teaching people to see and treat each other with dignity and respect.


Creating workplaces that are free from discrimination and harassment takes a hands-on approach that goes beyond leadership and management. All team members, not just managers, are integral to creating an inclusive organization. Our approach provides employees with practical communication tools and empowers them to make positive changes in the organizational culture.


In order to motivate all levels of an organization to improve inclusivity, we educate employees on why LGBT inclusiveness matters to the company, customers, teams, and individual employees, for their day-to-day job and career advancement. Ultimately, we make the “business case” for the decision-makers and the “value case” for the team members.

““We understand that in order to sustain long-term success and offer our clients the very best level of service, we must continue to make diversity and inclusion a business imperative.””

—Roger Ferguson, President & CEO


We’re proud to have worked with a wide range of clients, here’s what they’re saying about us:

“Recently, I have had the pleasure of collaborating with The Center to educate our office staff on GLBTQ awareness. This allowed us to further our business model while increasing our knowledge on how to best serve our transgender clients and caregivers. The speaker was professional, cool under pressure, and communicated in a way in which everyone could understand. As a subject matter expert, The Center's trainers are a veritable resource of this niche field in human resources and employment law, and are playing a significant role in how we do business, train our staff, and care for our clients.”

—Louie Lugo, SHRM-SCP

Senior Recruiter & Human Resources Business Partner
FirstLight HomeCare of Denver West

“The presentations were thought provoking and informative. The speaker's passion for the topics was obvious. She established a safe environment for open discussion, and it felt good to know that so many in our organization will leave these trainings with a heightened awareness and knowledge of inclusive terminology, and better ways to practice inclusive care. Thank you!”

—Amelia Janes, BSN, RN

Public Health Nurse
HIV/STI Prevention Program
Tri-County Health Department

“Colorado EAPA wishes to thank The Center/RANGE Consulting for a relevant and fresh look at the legal issues related to GLBT issues in the workplace. Participants’ questions and comments were responded to thoughtfully and thoroughly, regardless of their previous knowledge of the issues. After this training, our group felt prepared to engage in educated, respectful conversations about GLBT issues, and to help develop workplace policies that treat all employees with fairness and dignity. The Center's speaker was a dynamic presenter with a high-energy, professional style that conveyed both subject-matter expertise and love for what she does. The only thing we would do differently is block out more time for this engaging explanation of a vital topic!”

—Whitney Stone

President, Colorado Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA)

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