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Shop for Good

LGBTQ-friendly businesses support The Center's work all year-long with sponsorships, financial contributions, and in-kind donations. Additionally, local businesses are often looking to give back by offering deals or incentives to customers with the proceeds from the promotion then given back to The Center.

Below, you can find opportunities to support collaborations between local LGBTQ-friendly businesses and The Center. You can feel good spending your money knowing the proceeds are invested back into our programs and services for the LGBTQ community. And, who knows? You might just get a steal of a deal at the same time!


Amazon Smile

With Amazon Smile, every time you use your Amazon account to shop. %0.5 of your purchase price will be donated back to The Center.

Modern Christmas Tree Rainbow of Colors Tree
Modern Christmas Tree

Special Offer: Show your pride with The Modern Christmas Tree's limited edition Rainbow of Colors tree! 10% of every purchase will be donated back to The Center to support our programs and services all year long.

To Redeem: Use this link to order from the website. Use promo code: PRIDE.

Kai Onyx

Special Offer: Kai Onyx partners with nonprofit organizations across America—LGBTQ centers, anti-bullying campaigns, and organizations working towards racial and gender equality—who work to create safe spaces and promote equality for everyone.

To Redeem: Shop online on Kai Onyx's website. When you check out, select The Center from their list of community partner organization's and we'll receive a portion of the proceeds from the sale.

Queer America
Shop Queer America

Special Offer: Show off your Colorado LGBTQ pride with one of our unique pride shirts! Use the promo code below and 50% of every purchase will be donated back to The Center to support programs and services all year long.

To Redeem: Click here to shop or use this promo code at checkout to save 10% off the entire order and give back to The Center: THECENTER

Universal Auto Hail Repair
Universal Auto Hail Repair - Westminster, CO

7535 W 92nd Ave, Westminster, CO 80021

Special Offer: Universal Auto Hail Repair will donate $100 to The Center for every member of the community that allows them to repair their vehicle.

To Redeem: Call Allison at 303-900-7595 to set up a consultation. Use promo code: THE CENTER.